Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Bike

I finally decided to stop looking and just choose a bike on Wednesday from ebay. It arrived in the mail on Saturday and I called Evan from work to see if it was there and if he was putting it together. He told me that he looked at it a little bit but he wasn't going to put it all together. And he said there was a bolt missing and we'd have to go get a new one. So when he picked me up from the bus stop, we planned to go to the grocery store and Home Depot to get a bolt. After we were done at the grocery store, Evan reached into his pocket and realized that he had forgotten the bolt that we needed to match the second bolt to. We went home to get the other bolt and when I walked in the door, my bike was all put together, complete with all bolts! He sure tricked me!

We went for a bike ride today and it was way fun! I like my new bike and I like my husband even more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The last few weeks

Here's what has happened in the last few weeks in the Selin home:

- Evan left for a week to build the shell for a race car up in Clearfield UT at ATK. I was pretty lonely but I survived. I even took the extra time I had to finally get some of our wedding pictures printed.

- I changed my garden a bit. I got some new plants. and killed some old ones. My tomato plant has three tomatoes on it and my hydrangeas are about to bloom.

- Evan bought his new bike. I still have to find one, especially since the bus has been too full these days to bring my bike so I have to lock it up at the bus stop in Draper.

- My mom came to visit. While she was here she and I went shopping for a few things and then she took Evan and I to Costco! We are stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies now. We also went bowling and went to my cousin's wedding reception.

- It got hot finally so we bought one of those box fans and used up the last of our wedding gift cards at Target. We also bought a cooler and some beach towels in preparation for our trip to California at the end of the summer. Evan made some pancakes to get us excited for the trip.

-We visited temple square on the way home from taking my mom to the airport. The gardens there are beautiful! They have a lot of shade gardens with coleus and begonias in them plus other stuff.

-The skunk at my work appeared again on Saturday. It didn't spray anyone directly, but it did spray. You can't have a skunk running around a retail nursery so someone dropped a cinder block on it in the garbage can and someone else filled to garbage can with water to make sure it was taken care of. Poor skunk.

- I got the 4th of July off of work so Evan and I are going camping on the 3rd. Hopefully we can find some people to go with us.

- Here's a picture of some bagels I made.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Skunk

The other day I got to work and a few minutes later I started to smell something funny. Usually I can't smell stuff very well, so it must have been pretty strong. I asked my coworkers what it was. A skunk! Apparently someone had accidentally kicked a garbage can with a skunk inside right after they got to work. It smelled kinda bad, but it was bearable. Then, my co-worker Phil decided he was going to get rid of the skunk. He closed the lid of the garbage can (with the skunk still inside) and then took the whole garbage can to the field behind our nursery. Meanwhile, the skunk must have sprayed 10 more times in there because a few minutes later, I felt like I was going to vomit because it smelled so bad. I proceeded to breath through the collar of my coat for the next hour and a half, thinking the smell would never go away. Luckily it did. But I never want to smell a skunk again.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Ride to the Bus Stop

My mom always taught me never to take rides from strangers.

Yesterday I decided to buy some more plants from work. This wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't ridden the bus to work. My bus stop is a little over a mile from my work and I usually ride my bike. However, I bought about 7 plants and had to carry them in a tray so I decided to leave my bike at work so I could walk. I started the walk along the busy street and after less than a fourth of a mile, my arms started getting really tired. Then, a nice grandmotherly looking lady in a mini van stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride. Usually, I wouldn't take a ride from a stranger, but she looked very nice and she was driving a fairly new minivan. I figured kidnappers only drive old minivans and they rarely do their hair as nicely as this lady had done her hair so I took the ride and she didn't kidnap me.

It is always nice to see when people go out of the way to do something nice for someone else, especially a total strnager. I was very appreciative of that lady. She took a risk giving me a ride when I could have had a gun in my backpack (although I must admit I looked pretty safe. I was wearing a BYU shirt, a headband, and I was carrying a tray full of plants). I am sure she will never read this, but thank you to her and thank you to everyone out there for doing nice things for strangers.