Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our 4th of July

Evan and I finally both got the same day off work last Friday and we did a bunch of fun things. We started the day off by driving over to Maceys for the free french toast breakfast. On the way we saw some hot air balloons, which were pretty cool. When we got to Maceys, we decided the line was too long so we went back home and made our own breakfast. Then we headed over to the fourth of July parade where we saw a flyover with some small planes and one really big one in the back. We also saw a lot of marching bands, lots of teenage girls in fancy dresses, some cool floats, and some giant balloon animals. We thought we were going to die because we were sitting next to a power line that would get hit every time a giant balloon animal came past.

After the parade, we headed over to Bridal Veil falls on our new bikes. It was about a 20 mile ride round trip, but it was fairly flat so it was pretty easy. The weather was pretty nice too. My knees started to hurt by the end of it though. We saw a man walking a tandem bike back along the trail and noticed he had a flat tire. Luckily Evan had a repair kit so we fixed his tire for him and he went back to find his wife and two kids that were on another tandem bike.

After the bike ride, we went to claim our spots for the fireworks show but the spot we wanted on the intramural field was all roped off so we got a spot near the Marriott Center, which turned out to be a better spot anyway.

Then Rob and Lindsey came over and we had a delicious barbecue. Afterwards we were sitting around and Sadie rolled over twice. Way to go Sadie! She also made a really funny face when Rob let her suck on a pickle.

After the BBQ we all headed over to our spots to watch the fireworks. This year there were six parachuters that dropped out of an airplane into the stadium. I was pretty scared for them because it always seems like they aren't going to make it, but I think they all did. Then there was another flyover which just about broke my eardrums. When it finally got dark, the fireworks show started and it was spectacular! They had some absolutely enormous fireworks and we had really good seats so we could see the fireworks coming from inside the stadium and the ones from behind. Last year when we actually went to the Stadium of Fire, we could see everything really well, but we got hit by a ton of ashes. This year, we didn't get hit by ashes, which was nice.

Our fourth of July was really busy, but it was nice to be able to spend a whole day off work with Evan for once. I also decided that I really like the 4th of July in Provo. There are tons of free public activities and you don't have to worry too much about everyone around you smoking and drinking and being dangerous. Provo is a pretty nice place to live.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drink Your Shirt

"You thirsty?....Drink your shirt!" I don't remember where I heard this line. Maybe a movie or tv show, maybe from my family. To the best of my knowledge, it was my best friend in grade school talking to his little brother. But no matter the source I remember the content. It was pretty funny at the time because I seem to remember my friend throwing a cup of water on him after asking if he was thirsty.

A wet shirt is never fun to wear. They always stick to you, and if it's soaked with sweat, then it stinks. Bad. I experienced this today. I went for a bike ride and since my bicycle has no water bottle holder I had to wear a backpack to hold my water. Needless to say, it was hot outside and my shirt got soaked all down the back. When I got home and changed clothes I took one look and it, thought of the quote and laughed. I probably could have drank the sweat out of the shirt. So you can see it, I'm posting a picture of it here. The picture implements new smell-o vision technology, too. In order to get your computer to properly run the smell-o-vision application however there are a few steps you must follow.

Smell-O-Vision Instructions:

1. Go dig some old underwear out of the dirty laundry basket(The further down, the better), preferably something that you got really sweaty.
2. Put the underwear over your nose and again look at the picture I posted.
3. Enjoy the smell.

Pretty rank, huh?...Anyway, I enjoyed the bike ride nonetheless.