Monday, September 29, 2008

Clean Apartment!

Evan and I have been getting a little lazy in regards to cleaning our apartment. By Friday of last week it was a big mess. There was stuff all over the floor in the living room, dishes in the sink in the kitchen, and piles of clothes on the floor in our bedroom. The bathroom hadn't been cleaned in a looooong time, and the kitchen needed serious scrubbing too. In addition, I brought in a bunch of plants from our balcony so they wouldn't die in the cold so our apartment was really crowded.

On Saturday we decided to perform the much-needed task of cleaning our apartment. Evan was a great sport about it and we cleaned the whole apartment together in a couple of hours. He even took the stove top apart and gave it a good cleaning. Our apartment looks a lot better now. I've got the best husband!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Certain blindness soon to come

I lost another pair of sunglasses. I'm having really bad luck this year with sunglasses. Someone must want me to absorb UV rays into my eyes.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our California Adventure

We got back from our vacation to Disneyland a week ago. While we were there we visited Disneyland and California Adventure for two days, went to the beach, visited Balboa Island, and went to the Huntington Gardens. It was fun to spend a whole week with Evan. Disneyland made me a little tired because we left our hotel room a little after 7am each day so we could be the first ones into Disneyland. Then we stayed there all day until the fireworks ended. They were pretty long days.

The first day of our vacation was our anniversary. We ate our wedding cake after we got to our hotel room and it was kinda gross, but Evan liked it.

One of my favorite rides was the tower of terror. While we were waiting in line, a whole family cut in front of us in line because one person was saving their spot. Evan was pretty annoyed about that. While they were waiting in line, their four year old kept saying "Is it going to be scary?" His parents assured him several times that it wouldn't be scary, although they told the person in front of us in line that they had never been on the ride. Hmmm... By the end of the ride he was bawling. I could of told them that would happen from the beginning.

The fireworks at the end of the day were pretty cool. They had star, smiley face, and Mickey shaped ones. They also had pretty shimmery ones.

The beach trip was kinda funny. We went there on Thursday. We first took a ferry to Balboa Island where there were a bunch of cute houses crammed together on a little island. They all had really nice and colorful tiny yards. I enjoyed looking at all the flowers and the unique architecture. Then we went back and drove to a beach to fly our kites. It was too crowded so we went to another beach, but it was too small. When we went to change into our swimsuits, Evan realized that he forgot his. We ended up just looking at the tide pools and trying to avoid looking at an old man who was sunbathing and snorkeling in his speedo.

Friday we went to the Huntington Gardens where we saw some really cool plants. They had a bunch of old books and paintings in their library and art museum. They also had a really cool children's garden.