Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Giant pumpkin cookie:
Evan's Halloween costume:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Big Prize!!!

And the award goes to ...


The only person who actually reads this blog. (Or at least the only one who comments.) He will be receiving a prize shortly.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

Here are a few things we did this weekend:

While Evan was at the Priesthood session of conference, I went to Tamsen Miller's second annual "Hobo Party." My hobo name was Dustpan and this is what I wore:

I had to go in to work three times this weekend to water plants and set up for events. Evan kindly took a picture of me before I went in to work this morning.

This afternoon Bruce, David, Amanda, Evan, and I went to my aunt Sharon's house and watched the last conference session and ate a delicious lunch.

Tonight Evan and I played a friendly game of Scrabble. It was a close match, but I won by a few points. In a show of good sportsmanship I tried to shake Evan's hand after the game, but he refused my hand and instead, in a fit of anger, he knocked one of my plants on the floor, spilling dirt everywhere. Luckily, the plant was not injured.

P.S. Fooled you! He knocked over the plant on accident. But he really wouldn't shake my hand.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flat Tire

We went to Evan's mission reunion in Sandy last night. Sandy is about 35 to 40 minutes away on the freeway. On the way back, when we were about 10 minutes from home, we stopped at a stop-light on University Parkway. When we started moving again, the car started making a weird noise so we pulled over and looked at our tire and it was completely flat! It had a couple of huge gashes in it. We didn't have a flashlight so Evan called his brother Scott and Scott came and helped Evan change the tire.

We were very blessed to have the tire pop when it did. If our tire had blown out while we were on the freeway, it could have been very dangerous. Fortunately, we had control of the car the entire time and Evan and Scott were able to replace our tire fairly easily.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Top Twenty Reasons to Marry an Evan

20. He takes out the trash, usually without being asked.
19. He's got a really good pillow that he is sometimes willing to share.
18. He's good at writing poems.
17. He loves plants. (Okay, he doesn't. But at least he tolerates them.)
16. He doesn't like fruit, which means there is more for everyone else.
15. He has a blue hoodie that makes him very cuddly.
14. He's a good driver.
13. He won't invade your half of the bed while you are trying to sleep.
12. He'll fix your bike for you. And your computer. And the car.
11. He squashes bugs and spiders.
10. He'll dump a bucket of cold water on you while you're in the shower just to keep things lively.
9. He'll always drive when you're together. Even on long car trips. But he'll let you drive if you want to.
8. He lifts the heavy stuff so you don't have to.
7. He cuts his own hair.
6. He'll go to bed at the same time as you every night so you can fall asleep together.
5. He'll share his popcorn even though you said you didn't want any while he was making it.
4. He is financially responsible.
3. He was a cute little kid, so he'll probably make cute kids.
2. He'll always make time for you.
1. He's got a good testimony and is worthy to go to the temple. That means you can keep him forever.


I am going to graduate in a little over two months. I guess that means I need to get a job.

Here are some things I was thinking of doing:

- Freelance landscape design
- Landscape designer for a company
- Nursery Sales
- Florist
- Keep the job I have now for a little while

It is kinda tough to know what type of job to get. I feel that as a college graduate I should be looking for a job that pays quite a bit more than I am making now and gives me benefits. It should also give me more responsibilities. However, I am heasitant to look for one of those jobs because I don't know how long I will be able to work for the company. Evan graduates the December after I do so we'll be here at least a year. However, if Evan gets an internship out of state this summer, I'll have to leave my job after four months. In addition, we want to have kids some day and that would definitely affect my ability to work as well. So I'm not really sure what I should do.

I also hate looking for jobs. And people in the landscape industry usually aren't too keen on hiring people in January because the bulk of the work needs to be done in the summer.