Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas

Note: all the pictures in this post were stolen from my brother Bruce, but I messed them up somehow when I tried to resize them.

We had a great Christmas here in Utah. Because I'm due any day now, we didn't go anywhere, but my parents and brothers came here. It was fun to have everyone together even though our apartment is tiny.

My parents arrived on the 23rd. On the way to pick them up from the airport, we stopped to buy my table from Ikea, which was an extra $20 off. Woohoo!

On the 24th, we went to my aunt's house for lunch and I made my first ever pumpkin pies. They ended up having to cook for twice the amount of time that they were supposed to, but they turned out tasting fine.

After we got back to my house, we performed the nativity for my parents. My dad was narrator and my mom was in charge of the music, while all of the kids were the actors. I think it turned out great! It was quite hilarious. A couple of my favorite parts were Bruce announcing the birth of the Savior to the shepherds, Evan (as Joseph) helping me (Mary) deliver the baby, and Brian as the donkey.

Then we opened elf gifts. This year, the elfs seemed to give an abundance of cough drops and Brian kept pretending like he had a cough so he could eat them like candy.

On Christmas morning, we woke up to find that Santa got into our apartment even though we have no chimney! Evan and Brian got remote control helicopters, but Brian's didn't work. Bummer. Amanda and I got rotary cutters and cutting mats, which I think we both have already used quite a bit.

This year, we opened presents really late. Bruce and Brian took forever to come over from Dave and Amanda's apartment and a little while after they got here, Kristy sent a text asking if she could call. For some reason, it took an hour or two to actually get on the phone with her and by the time we were done talking to her, it as 11am or noon. That's okay though, because it gave me some time to start making Christmas dinner.
This is us talking to Kristy. Ignore my face. I wasn't mad.

Opening presents was fun. We all got some good stuff. Brian was really excited to get an iPod nano from Bruce until Bruce asked Evan if he wanted an iPod touch. Evan got these funny jeans pajamas from his parents.

Dinner was good too. I tried a new roll recipe, which was a major crowd pleaser. I also made ham for the first time with a glaze recipe I found on the internet and it turned out delicious.

We ended Christmas by going up to my aunt's house to see my uncle, who was visiting from Idaho. Bruce and Brian spent the whole time there taking pictures of my belly and trying to feel Tank move around. Brian took away a stash of candy from their house, so I think he was stocked up for at least a day.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Luke Evan Selin


Calvin Evan Selin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not quite sure why I am awake...

I've been great at sleeping during my entire pregnancy. Except for the last week or week and a half. What's up with that?

Tomorrow my parents and Brian are coming in town. By tomorrow, I mean today, since it is 4am already. On the way to pick them up, we are going to stop at Ikea and buy my table. I've been dreaming of this for months!

On Christmas Eve we are going to lunch at my aunt's house where we will be joined by Bruce. Then we are coming back to my house to act out the nativity, open elf gifts, play games, eat snacks, and wait for Santa to come.

On Christmas, we are going to eat ham for dinner. I have never cooked a ham before, so hopefully it turns out well. I've never made pumpkin pie either, and we are having that too. So wish me luck!

I'm kinda starting to hope this baby comes late. I've got to finish (start) sewing the quilt I've been making for 2.5 years so my mom can quilt it while she is here after the baby is born. Plus, we haven't chosen a name yet.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I love libraries!

I can't sleep again. So instead, I am looking for audio books and movies to put on hold at the library.

I think libraries are the best idea! People can read for free. I hate buying books because I read them once and then they take up space. But libraries buy books for me and store them too! Isn't that great?!

I just finished listening to the last of the Harry Potter books on CD today. I'll admit, the last book got kinda boring in the middle, but I'm glad Snape is a good guy after all. And have you noticed that one of the main themes in the series is the importance of families?

I am also reading (yes, actually reading with my eyes) a book called The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R Saks. It is about a woman with schizophrenia who was an Oxford scholar, graduated from Yale Law School, and now teaches at a university in CA. It is interesting to see mental illness from the point of view of someone who has the illness.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Six Names




Eli/ Elijah



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas crafts plus some other stuff

This week I have been working on some stuff. I can't post a couple of the things because they are Christmas presents, but here are the things I can post.

Here is a freezer-paper stencil onesie. For Tank.
A paper snowflake.

Some red snowflakes to replace a few wedding pictures.

And some Christmas pillow covers. I made these with freezer paper stencils and some fabric I found for $2 a yard. Unfortunately, they look way better on our bed than they do in the living room.
Here are the backsides of the pillows.
Oh yeah! And my amaryllis is blooming. I forgot to take a picture though.
I am quite uncomfortably pregnant now. None of my pants are comfortable except my big fleece pants, so I think I'll just wear those for the next few weeks. And most of my t-shirts don't completely cover my belly anymore. And my hips hurt. It must all be a sign that the baby is coming soon! ...hopefully. I'm actually pretty glad that I am uncomfortable because it is making me look forward to going into labor instead of dreading it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Strong Moms

My aunt told me a while ago about signing up for Strong Moms at . I'm glad I did because yesterday they sent me two containers of formula mix in the mail. I looked to see how much they cost at Walmart and they are almost $15 each. I'm not planning on using them right away, but I'm sure we'll eventually need some formula. They also sent me some $5 coupons for formula.

So, all you people out there who are going to have a baby, you should sign up for it. You can get free stuff.

I also signed up to get coupons from Huggies and Pampers and Huggies sent me a diaper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another table option

I found another table at Walmart that I could get. It is a wooden folding table, kinda like this one. I think it is the same size and price as the Ikea table, but it folds up and I wouldn't have to finish it, but I also wouldn't get to choose the color. Hmmm... What should I do?

New Table

My parents gave us an "antique" kitchen table when we got married. By antique, I really just mean old. I used it all the years I grew up and I think my dad might have even used it when he was a kid. It has served us well so far, but I want a new table. Here's why:
  • One of the legs is no longer attached to the table. We have tried screwing it back in several times, but the holes are all stripped. Now we just kinda prop it under the table so the table is sorta stable. I think this will be a real safety hazard when our kid starts crawling.
  • It is really ugly. We ALWAYS have a table cloth on it.
  • It takes up too much space in our tiny apartment.

Evan isn't really convinced we need a new table, but a few months ago he told me that if I sold my old school books to pay for it, we could get a new one. Well, someone finally bought a few of them so I have enough money to buy a cheap table.

I found this table at Ikea for $50. It isn't finished so I can stain it or paint it any color I want. It is really small and has no leaves so it won't be our long-term kitchen table, but I figure we can use it for a desk later when we have space for things like desks.

The only problem is I don't have anywhere to paint/stain it since it is so cold outside. I maybe could do it in the second bedroom, but I'd have to leave the window open and put tons of newspaper down. Plus, if I don't get it finished before the baby comes, I'm in trouble. And I've never stained anything.

Anyone seen any better options out there? I'll probably buy it a week from tomorrow unless anything better comes up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

More Spiders!

The past two weeks or so we've killed about 10 more spiders and a couple escaped. But now we have another problem... spider mites! Luckily, spider mites are so small that you don't notice them crawling around and they aren't harmful to humans. Plus, they are pretty easy to get rid of on plants... I hope. Otherwise, our mite-infested palm tree is doomed.

11 Days Until Christmas!

I'll admit, I rarely clean our kitchen floor. I wipes up spills and I sweep it, but I don't mop it very often. I put it on my list of deep cleaning to do before the baby comes. Now I don't have to because last night because I spilled my entire water bottle on the kitchen floor.

Today I went to the doctor and everything looks good. Baby is head down. That's good. I'll be full term on Saturday (37 weeks) so the baby really could come pretty soon. I think I have been having contractions sometimes, but I'm not sure. They could just be the baby moving.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good morning!

It is a little after 5 am and I am awake. I usually get up around 8 or 9. I woke up an hour and a half ago because our favorite Mr. Wiggles was doing a tap dance on my ribs. Then he moved it to the side of my belly. Since then, he has gone back to sleep but I haven't. I just ate the last piece of pizza though and it tasted really good.

Evan is done with classes for the semester! Now he just has two finals and one presentation and then he's freeeeeeeee! Yesterday he spent over an hour shoveling the snow out of our parking space. I looked out the window a few minutes ago and the ground is covered in snow again. Hahaha.

The other day I made a big 3-D paper snowflake. And I replaced some of our wedding pictures on the wall with pictures of snowflakes. It is a winter wonderland inside and outside!

And happy birthday to Evan's mom!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Belly Button

I never thought it would actually happen to me. I heard that it happened to lots of other people, but I thought for sure I was immune. Over the past few weeks though, it finally happened. My extremely deep innie became an outtie.

I think a belly button is kinda like a turkey timer. It pops once the baby is done. Mine hasn't completely popped yet. I still have a few folds of skin that need to pop out. Then our baby will be done baking!

Having my belly button pop out is a blessing. Today I cleaned out 23 years worth of lint and old skin.

Friday, December 4, 2009

More crafts

This is a pleated apron I started making for my sister about 3 years ago. I finally decided to finish it and I'm sending it to her for Christmas. Since she is on a mission, I'm not ruining the surprise. Don't worry.
I also made her this scarf. It is just about the easiest scarf to make. This is where I got the idea.
A purse that matches the changing pad I made. You can find the pattern and tutorial here.

I took this button from the inside of one of my coats. Hopefully I don't lose any buttons on my coat, because now I don't have a replacement!

The lining. It looks better in person.
Here's the progress on the family tree for Tank's room. I drew this tree and then made a freezer paper stencil of it and painted it. I have the leaves all cut out too, but I don't have the names of all of Evan's ancestor's yet so I can't finish it. But it isn't on the top of my priority list anyway.

And this is what I have been working on for the past two days. I wasn't going to post about these, but oh well. They are reusable nursing pads. After finding out how much they cost at the store, I decided I could just make my own. These didn't cost me anything because I already had all the materials. Here is a tutorial.

Christmas Decorations!

Here are some of our Christmas decorations. It is so fun to decorate for Christmas!

My mother in law brought me this enormous pinecone from California. I just tied a ribbon on it and hung it on the door. Way easier than the wreaths I made last year.

This is our bathroom decoration:

A Christmas card in a frame:

The kitchen:
Another pinecone my mother in law gave me. Along with an ornament she gave us a few years ago. Our microwave decoration.

Our Christmas tree! The giant balls are paper mache balls I made last year.

And finally, the elf chart! Four presents already. Everyone who is coming here for Christmas should start getting excited!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We have had a lot of spiders in our apartment ever since we moved in. Probably 20 or so in the 3 months we have lived here.

Usually I make Evan get the spiders, but the other day I squished one on my shoe and I almost threw up.

Yesterday was the worst though. When I woke up, there was a spider in the shower. An hour or so later, there was a spider on the blinds. Then, around midnight I got up to get a drink. Usually, I don't turn on the lights or put on my glasses when I get a drink, but last night the lights were on so luckily I saw the spider IN MY CUP OF WATER as I put it to my mouth to drink it. Gross. I would have drank him if the lights hadn't been on!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For Thanksgiving we went to Arizona to visit Evan's parents. Here are some things we did while we were there:

  • Left Evan's credit card at Subway somewhere in the middle of Utah. We had to cancel it because we didn't realize it until we were 3 or 4 hours away.
  • Fed a drunk guy some food at McDonalds. Well, Evan did while I was in the bathroom.
  • Saw Evan's parent's new house. It is really nice.
  • Enjoyed the warm weather.
  • Watched TV on their new big screen.
  • Evan went to a party with a bunch of people from his wrestling team in high school.
  • Ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Flew Evan's airplane.
  • Saw The Blind Side. It was pretty good.
  • Went to "Glendale Glitters." It is a big outdoor party put on by the city of Glendale. While we were there we saw some cool Christmas lights and checked out an antique shop.
  • Played Sequence and Ticket to Ride a bunch of times.
  • Went early morning shopping on Friday and Saturday.
  • Drove back Sunday and saw a cool bridge they are building over the Hoover Dam.

Now that we are back, we are getting ready for Christmas. Yesterday we put up our tree for family home evening. It looks great!