Thursday, December 30, 2010


For Christmas we went to Arizona to be with Evan's family where the weather is warm! The first few days we didn't do much going outside though because we got the stomach flu. Calvin started it off on Saturday night so Evan and I took turns staying up with him while he threw up from about 10pm to 5am. Then I got it around noon on Sunday and threw up until about 5am on Monday. It was not much fun. Evan felt sick too, but he never threw up. Luckily, Calvin seemed to feel much better as soon as he finished throwing up. He even wanted to eat and drink. I didn't get my appetite back for a couple of days though.

After we were better, we did several activities. Evan and Calvin went to the Children's museum. We all went to a few parks and Calvin loved going down the slides. We went to see the fish and taxidermy animals at Cabela's. We also went to Mesa to visit Evan's grandma and Evan and I went to the temple there. We played lots of games with Evan's family too.

On Christmas, Calvin woke up to discover that his cousin Zac got a really cool toy! Haha.
But then I showed Calvin what he got from Santa and he seemed to like it.

Calvin wasn't too interested in unwrapping his presents this year, but he has liked playing with them all.
Another activity that everyone participated in during the vacation was pulling the kids around in the laundry basket. Here are Calvin and Sadie going for a ride. They would be happy to ride in there for hours. Unfortunately, no one wanted to pull them around for hours.

Sadie is almost three and she spent a lot of her time following Calvin around the house. It was kinda funny because Calvin mostly just ignored her and walked around like he normally does, picking up toys and dropping them when he finds a new one, completely ignoring Sadie. But she liked following him anyway. Maybe when Calvin is a little older he will be better at playing with Sadie.

Despite the stomach flu at the beginning of the week, it was a fun trip and we are glad we went. Thanks to Evan's parents for hosting us and Evan's brother Isaac for giving up his bedroom for us.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I wore. Last one.


Saturday: Christmas! This is Calvin and his cousin Zac in their matching shirts.

Me and Evan at the curvy palm tree church on Christmas.

Day after Christmas. Check out Calvin's adorable sweater vest that he got for Christmas! And yes, he is picking his nose. He does it all the time now.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to get skinny fast

1. Get the stomach flu
2. Vomit for about 17 hours, at least once an hour, but usually more.
3. Make sure that everything you don't vomit out comes out the other end.
4. Don't eat for a few days. When you do eat, make sure it is only chicken noodle soup.
5. Do it a few days before Christmas so you don't feel like eating any Christmas treats.

That's what I did. But I wouldn't recommend it at all.

What I Wore

Here are my Christmas outfits. Not very impressive this week.

On Wednesday I decided on pink Christmas. I wore a bell necklace too that Calvin really liked.
Thursday. This is my friend Lindsey. She wears Christmas outfits too.
Friday. Not a very Christmas-y outfit because we drove all day to Arizona.
Sunday: No Christmas outfit. I was puking my guts out.
Monday: No Christmas outfit. I was still feeling sick and I didn't get dressed.
Tuesday: Still not feeling great, but at least I got dressed. Check out the earrings my sister in law gave me! Awesome.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pushing toys under the fridge

Calvin has a new hobby: pushing matchbox cars under the fridge. He has quite a collection under there now because I haven't cleaned it out in over a week. Check out his cheesy grin at the end of the video.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laundry Day

I think Calvin really likes laundry day because he gets to ride in the laundry basket. Last week it was really full of clean clothes so I took it into the bedroom without him in it and he started crying. I guess I learned my lesson.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome Home Kristy

My sister gets back from her mission today. This is the last time I saw her... April 2009. She's the one standing behind me in the blue.
We are glad to have her back and I'm excited for her to meet baby Calvin. He's almost a year old and he was just a small group of cells in my belly when she left.

Christmas Outfits: December 8-14

Wednesday, December 8. Please notice the painted fingernails and the red earrings.
Thursday, December 9. Wearing the red earrings again.
Friday, December 10th. I'm addicted to crasins these days. I ate that entire package on Friday night.
Saturday, December 11. I'm wearing Christmas socks!
Sunday, December 12. Evan is wearing a Santa tie.
Monday, December 13. I wore a red headband for part of the day, but it isn't in the picture. I'm also wearing red rose earrings and Christmas socks.
Tuesday December 14. I repainted my nails and am wearing red and black earrings.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The blow dryer

Calvin has a love/hate relationship with the blow dryer.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Video of Calvin falling asleep

We kept Calvin up an hour and a half past his bedtime on Saturday night for our ward Christmas party and he didn't get his morning nap on Sunday because we were at church so he was pretty tired by the time we got home. Here is a video of him falling asleep while eating lunch. (He is wearing the awesome bib that Amanda made).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Calvin's funny faces

Calvin has started making some really funny faces. Here are some pictures I took while he was eating breakfast the other day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday, Christmas Style

So a bunch of people in the blogging world do something called "What I Wore Wednesday" where they show you a picture of what they wore and tell you where they got their clothes. I am not going to tell you where I got my clothes because many of them are so old I don't know where they came from. Plus, does it really matter? No. All that matters is that the clothes bring a bit of Christmas cheer.

Thursday (this is how all the other bloggers take their pictures):
Friday (I had to be extra Christmas-y because we went to a Christmas party):
Saturday (We all had to be Christmas-y because we went to Festival of Trees):
Monday (Yes, I did walk around all day with my jacket slung over my shoulder.)
Just kidding. But I put it in the picture because I wore it for half the day over the brown shirt.

Okay. Well, see ya!
Lindsey Hatch! I want to see your Christmas outfits!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Calvin's Dinosaur Hat

I made this hat using this pattern and tutorial. Isn't Calvin cute?

Here he is going to get the mail with me.