Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Beach, Part 2

This is my mom holding the sleeping Calvin:

I thought it would be too cold to go swimming, but the pool was really warm so we ended up staying in for over an hour and I accidentally worked on my sunburn. Calvin only lasted about 15 minutes though. If you look closely at this picture, you will see that Calvin looks hilarious.

Evan had to leave Sunday morning but Calvin and I stayed until Tuesday.

While the tide was out Brian and I explored some of the areas you can't get to while the tide is in. We found some caves and waterfalls.

On Wednesday, my mom and I drove back to Idaho and Calvin slept most of the way, which is good because it was an 11 hour drive or something.
Overall it was a fun trip despite the difficulty of traveling with a baby. It was fun to see my family and go to the beach. That was the first time I'd been home in a year and a half.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today is one of those days when I have plenty of stuff to do but I'm too bored to do it. And I keep thinking of all these things to post on facebook but if I posted them all, that would be weird. So I'm posting them here instead.

I love Calvin and Evan, not in that order.

Calvin has the cutest smiles in the morning and Evan is awesome and a good dad.

I have a million ideas for our future yard. Most of them include food, particularly raspberries, strawberries, peaches, and asparagus. Evan needs to hurry up and graduate.

I can't wait to move back to Provo and have friends again.

Did I mention that Calvin is adorable?

I like that Calvin is scooting around now, but I liked it more when he couldn't move. Now I have to watch him constantly.

Calvin's eyes are soooooo blue.

I love having a garden.

Calvin had three poopy diapers in a row last night.

I want a house with an open floor plan so I can watch the kids while I am in the kitchen. If I can ever handle more than one kid.

I really want some more raspberries. And peaches. And strawberries and blueberries while I'm at it.

Calvin is crawling under my legs. I don't think he really understands the rules about personal space.

I had some wheat bran flakes cereal on my salad today and it was good.

Seriously. Calvin is adorable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beach, Part 1

Two weekends ago Evan had Friday off of work so we joined my family in Oregon for a trip to the beach.

Thursday after Evan got off work we drove down to Utah where we stayed at my aunt's house. We got up early Friday morning and headed to the airport where we took Calvin on his first flight. Considering the little amount of sleep we got the night before, he did really well on the plane. The lady sitting next to us just loved him and kept rubbing his head.

Friday afternoon we drove to the beach with my parents and brother. We stayed at the same condo Evan and I stayed at on our honeymoon almost three years ago!

While we were there we did a lot of relaxing, a bit of walking on the beach, we went out to dinner, and went swimming in the pool.

It was pretty cold there so we had to dress Calvin up nice and warm.

Evan and I got to look at the tide pools and explore Devil's Punch Bowl while my mom took care of Calvin.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I think Calvin will be crawling by next week. Check out this video I took of him this morning:

He also can sit up on his own now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our little wrestler

Remember how Calvin used to wrestle his tiger? Well, now he has started pinning the tiger.

Look at all that sweat on his shirt! (Or maybe it is drool. I'll let you decide)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mowing the lawn

Check out my cute husband doing some yardwork!

Hmmm. Not sure what is going on here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Probably shouldn't post this

Guess what Calvin is doing in this video?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our trip up the canyon

On Saturday we went to go fly Evan's airplane for the first time at the local high school. Unfortunately, something inside it was disconnected so it wouldn't fly and we didn't have a screwdriver with us so we couldn't fix it.

That left us with some extra time before we had to be home so we took an impromptu drive up the canyon by where we live.

It was quite a change of scenery. On the way there we drove past lots of wide open potato and wheat fields but the canyon looked much different.

Calvin was really glad to get out of the car.
Here is one of the many flowers we saw:

Aren't Calvin's shoes so cute? Evan's mom brought them when she came last week. Calvin loved riding on Evan's shoulders:
Evan tried out his new shoes and waded in the stream. They worked great!

We saw some baby raccoons! Aren't they cute? They let us get really close to them. I wanted to put Calvin next to them and take a picture, but I suppose babies and wild animals don't really mix.

This is what Calvin did on the way home:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting closer to crawling

Calvin really likes the coffee table. Today while I was eating lunch he rolled across the room under the coffee table and started knocking on the leg.

The other day I turned around and he was doing this:

Here is another video of him rolling around:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

By 4th of July, I actually mean 3rd of July.

We started off the day by going to our ward breakfast. Evan's parents were in town and came with us.

For dinner we had hamburgers.

Then we did some stuff like take pictures of ourselves.

Then we went to the fireworks on the bank of the river in Idaho Falls. We were afraid we would get stuck in traffic, but Evan planned a great escape route and we had a quick ride home.

Unfortunately, Calvin missed the whole show because he was sound asleep.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Some pictures of the garden

I'll start with the worst first. These are my pathetic tomato plants. You would think that after a degree in landscape management and 3 jobs working directly with plants, I would be able to grow some tomatoes. But I didn't follow my own advice. Always use trusted potting soil! I saved 3 dollars and went with the cheaper stuff instead of miracle grow. Now my tomatoes are pathetic. And I bought gallon size tomatoes. They are probably still suffering transplant shock.

But isn't the tomato cage I made cool? I made it with the twigs from the raspberries I pruned.

Now on to slightly more successful plants:

These are my peas. Despite half the row getting eaten by Pesky Bunny*, they are doing pretty well. The ones Pesky Bunny ate are still very small. But they are flowering! Yay!

See? Pesky Bunny ate the tiny ones closest to us in this picture:And what are those sticks? More of the raspberries I pruned. They are working very nicely to hold the peas up.

Now these are my second most pathetic plant (after the tomatoes). Cucumbers. They are growing really slowly. I don't even know if we will get any before we leave.
These are my lettuces. I had 8 or 9 kinds, but one of them went to seed and I don't like kale so I pulled it out. Now I am down to 6 or 7 kinds. But I really like being able to go outside, pick a few leaves, and have a salad.
The lettuce is growing a lot slower than I though too. Oh well. We still have plenty to eat.

These are the green beans. They have a few flowers too. Can't wait for them to be ready!

Yellow squash. They have a few flowers. I love yellow squash.

This is our swiss chard. It is gross. I grew it because it is pretty and I wanted to try it. Well, I tried it and it is yucky. I think I'll see if Calvin likes it as baby food in a couple months.
These are our baby zucchinis!! I'm excited for these. I should have known I could count on the zucchini to perform.

And here's a shot of the garden.

And one from the opposite direction. If you look closely on the bottom left you can see the spinach that has bolted. I might pull it out tomorrow if I get around to it.

*I think Pesky Bunny is dead because he/she used to sit in front of the garden all day but on day he/she disappeared and hasn't been back since. Or maybe spreading hair and pepper all over the garden worked. But I don't really think so.

Roly Poly

About 10 days ago, I could put Calvin on the floor and expect him to stay in the same place. He might roll over on his tummy, but that was about all. Now he can roll/scoot across the room and I'm starting to worry about baby proofing. It is amazing how fast he is learning. He started scooting a lot last Thursday and Friday while Evan's parents were visiting and he started rolling across the room yesterday. I just can't believe how fast he is growing up!

He likes to roll over in his crib. This is what I found when I got him up the other day:

Maybe you had to be there, but for some reason I thought it was really funny.
This morning I put him down on the floor while I ate breakfast. The next thing I knew, he had rolled across the room under the coffee table.
"Look Mom! No hands!"

Yesterday he rolled under the chair.

And here's a super long and boring video of him rolling/scooting across the bedroom. Don't watch it unless you are a grandparent because it really is pretty boring.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Calvin plays the organ

There is an organ built into this house and Calvin really likes playing it. He gets really excited and starts banging on the keys. It is pretty cute.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Pictures

Our garden is doing pretty well these days. We ate this mixed greens salad for dinner the other day. All of it was from the garden.

This is how Calvin and Evan relax.