Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010


Calvin wants to wean himself tomorrow. I'm planning on weaning him before Thanksgiving. The AAP want me to wean him after Jan 6 and the WHO wants me to wean him after Jan 6, 2012. We'll see who wins.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My morning

This was me this morning:
Except I was wearing my pajamas and my hair was really messy. And blond, not gray.

I'm pretty sure I had my first ever migraine this morning. When Calvin woke us up at 6am (thank goodness it wasn't 5am like it has been all week), I had a terrible headache. Worst headache of my life. So I took some Tylenol. Then I threw up. Then I did it again an hour later. I hate throwing up. The stomach lurches, the stuff coming out my nose, the burning throat, the nasty taste, the crying- I hate it all. At least it was in the morning though and there was barely any food in my stomach. (Just a little bit of zucchini and lettuce, in case you were wondering.)

Fortunately, my wonderful husband didn't have class until 9:30 so he stayed home and took care of Calvin and took him on a walk so I could lay down in bed and moan. And then take a nap.

After it was over, I looked up migraines on the internet and the internet described exactly the headache I had: really bad, on one side of my head, and behind my eye. The funny thing is, I've always thought people who claimed to have migraines were wimps or faking it. I think I probably fall into the wimp category.

I'm really glad I don't have the flu or something though. Let's just hope that I am not going to suffer from migraines for the rest of my life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am a couponer. I even have a binder. I know. Nerdy. But hey, Evan is still in school and we are on a tight budget. And they save me a lot of money. Last week, using a combination of coupons and sales, I saved 75% on my grocery bill. In July I got 12 free tubs of Pampers wipes with coupons. On Monday I got Calvin a pair of jeans at Target for a dollar using a coupon.

I've gotten so used to using coupons that I know that the cashiers at Walmart and Smith's like to get the coupons at the end while the cashiers at Macey's like to have the coupon with the product. So usually I have no problems with my coupons. Today was not a normal day though.

Evan, Calvin, and I went to Walmart today to buy some Kraft Cheese. The 8oz packages were on sale for $2 and I had three coupons for $5 off 5. That makes them a dollar a piece. That's about 75% off. When I got to the checkout line though, my coupons wouldn't scan properly. They would only give me $2 off. My cashier didn't even mention it, but luckily I was watching the monitor and mentioned it and he was like, "Yeah, it won't let me do $5." So I had him call over a manager, which took forever. The manager said it was okay so he took the $5 off, but forgot to void the $2 it took off earlier. So I had to have him fix it so I wouldn't steal all of Walmart's money. Then we finished, started walking out the door, and I checked my receipt and realized he only scanned two coupons instead of 3. So I had to wait in the customer service line for 10 minutes to get the $5 back. Evan and Calvin were really bored the whole time.

That was one of the times I don't like using coupons. The thrill of the good deal was lost in the hassle of getting the good deal.

Am I going to quit though? I don't think so!

P.S. Can you figure out how many bags of cheese I bought?