Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures on Facebook

My brother has a fancy camera and took some pictures for us while we were in Idaho. Here's a sampling, but you can see more by clicking on this link: Facebook Photos

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The girl who wouldn't stop texting me

Several months ago I started getting texts from a random phone number. They all went something like this:

FWD:FW:Fwd:Fwd:FW:FWD:FWD:FWD: [A picture of a heart or something] Do as it says tonight the one u love will suddenly want u and fall for u more:) Send to 10 people and u will find true love. Send to 1 or 0 people or BAD LUCK STARTS NOW

At first I just ignored them, thinking they might stop or at least wouldn't get worse if I ignored them. But then they kept coming. At times like 12am, when I was asleep. It began to get really annoying. I began to figure it was a 12 year old girl (who else would believe the curses at the end of a forward?) so I texted her back, told her I did not know who she was asked her to stop texting me immediately. She responded with surprise (and a profanity) that I didn't know who she was, so I made it clear that she had the wrong number.

Fast forward a few weeks. She hadn't texted me at all during those weeks, but at 11pm on while we were on vacation in Idaho, I got two more texts from her, one with a couple making out in their swimsuits on a beach and the words:

Fwd:FW:Fwd:FW:FW:Fwd:FW:FW:Fwd:FWD:FW:FW:FW:Msg: Middle school couples: almost 96% of people marry their high school sweethearts. Because you opened this you will get kissed on Friday by the person u luv or like & tomorrow will be the best day of your life.Do not break this chain. U have 2 minutes this is not a fake. Forward this to 14 people in the next 10 minutes and you WILL have the best day of your life tomorrow. You're number one crush will KISS,ask u out, or call u.If you break this chain the little girl from the RIng will be in your r0om tonight.

(Please note that the grammar errors are not mine.)

I was cracking up just now as I typed out that text. I mean seriously, who believes this stuff and actually forwards it? So I texted her back again and told her she had the wrong number, to which she replied, "What the h*** y not u getting a new phone?" I didn't respond. But the next day she sent me two more texts, so Evan called her and left her a message, telling her to remove my number from her phone.

Apparently she didn't get the message though, because last night I got another two from her at midnight. I read them until 5:45am this morning when I woke up and I promptly decided to call her. I assume that she is in Portland though and it was 4:45am there. She answered in a very sleepy voice and I said something like "I have asked you to remove my number from your phone several times. My husband called you and asked you to stop texting me. I want you to remove my number from your phone, and do not ever text me again, do you understand?" I think I scared her because all she said was "yes" in a very timid voice.

I felt kinda bad about being so mean, but I hope I got my point across.

Now we'll see if she follows through. If not, I suppose I'll call her every morning when I wake up since she seems to text me before she goes to bed.

Happy Anniversary to us

Photo courtesy of Bruce Christensen

Four years today! I love you Evan.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back from Vacation

We just got back from vacation with my (Shanna) family in Driggs, Idaho. We had a good time and Calvin learned a lot of things like how to climb out of the pack and play and how to open doors. We were hoping the doors in our apartment would be harder to open, but they aren't and we'll be buying door knob covers tomorrow to keep him from escaping or flushing the toilet a million times a day.

We stayed in a big cabin (really just a house on a few acres of grassy land) and coming home reminds us of how tiny our apartment is. But it is good to be home where Calvin can't climb out of his crib (yet).

I may blog about it more later, but no promises since many of the people who read this blog were there with us and don't need to hear about it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why is it awesome to have a birthday three days away from your spouse's birthday

To all of you who aren't married yet, I would highly suggest only dating people who have birthdays within a week of yours. "But then I'll have to share my birthday!" you might say. Let me tell you though. It is awesome.

Every year Evan and I can use all our free birthday meals at the same time. This year we'll be going to Red Robin, Noodles, Fudruckers, and Baskin Robbins for free (except a tip at Red Robin). We'll also be going to Jason's Deli and possibly IHOP and Tucanos. Awesome, right?

Even if you don't have a spouse with a birthday near yours, here are all the birthday club deals we signed up for:

Noodles (Thanks for telling me about this one Cathy!): free meal up to $7.50
Fuddruckers: Free 1/3 lb burger or other entree of equal or lesser value
Red Robin: Free gourmet burger of your choice
Ihop: Free Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n Fruity or menu item of equal or lesser value (I think there is only one allowed per table though. Maybe I'll take Calvin.)
Jason's Deli: $5 off any item (they have a few menu items priced around $5 and most aren't much more than that)
Baskin Robbins: Free 2.5oz scoop or 3 oz soft serve
Cold Stone: Buy any creation, get one free (We probably won't use this one this year since it is BOGO)
Tucanos: Free meal when you buy one in the month of your birthday (We may or may not use this)

I'm so excited!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thunderstorm face

This is the face Calvin kept making whenever he heard a big clap of thunder outside. Except it was even funnier than the pictures show.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing in the rain

Last week we had some really big thunderstorms. During one of them, Evan let Calvin play outside on our balcony. He got completely soaked, but look how much fun he had!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Progress on my granny square blanket

Remember this post? Well, I learned to crochet and I have now made 73 granny squares. Or rather, the circle part of them. I'd say I may be 1/3 done. And then I'll have to join them all with white yarn. Yikes.
You also may notice that they vary quite a bit in size. Whoops. Hope they will still work.