Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye wedding dress

I'm not one to keep stuff around for sentimental reasons. I threw away Calvin's hospital bracelets because I didn't know where to keep them. I throw away birthday cards right after I read them so they don't clutter up my fridge. (Don't worry, I still appreciate them).

But I have been holding onto my wedding dress for almost 5 years now. I liked to try it on occasionally to make sure it still fit. Plus, I thought it was gorgeous.  And I wore it on the most important day of my life. So I guess I let myself be a little sentimental.

But it also took up a lot of closet space. And I never got it cleaned after my wedding, which meant I still needed to get it cleaned if I was going to keep it. And the beadwork was starting to yellow. I've been toying with the idea of selling it for years,  but could never bring myself to do it. Until today. I figured it was my last chance since we are moving out of Utah, which is just about the only place anyone will want to buy a wedding dress with sleeves. And it sold in 5 hours. I didn't even get a chance to try it on one last time. And I'm a little sad about it. But at least now I don't have to lug it around until I die. Or wait until it is out of style to give it to goodwill.

So goodbye wedding dress. It was nice knowing you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A real adult

I feel like I took another step to becoming a real adult today. I took a pair of shoes to a shoe repair place instead of just throwing them out since they were my favorite (and only) black heels. Next up, buy a house!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lilies are now my least favorite flower

I got some lilies on Tuesday for a wedding I'm doing. Here are some numbers:

Number of days they have been in my bathroom (the hottest room in the apartment): 1
Number of days they have been in my hot car: 1
Number of fully open lilies: 0
Number of unopened/partially open lilies: 60+
Number of days until wedding: less than 1
Number of taped off vents in my apartment: 4
Number of open vents in my apartment: 1
Temperature of my bathroom right now: 95 degrees
Number of very worried (but still hopeful) Shannas: 1

* Saturday morning update: None of them opened all the way, but the flowers still turned out okay. Of course, the few that I have leftover (that were the hardly open at all open yesterday) look perfect today. One day too late.

Monday, March 19, 2012


This video is from January. Calvin does the actions for the song "Hinges."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where Calvin hides his food

 The other day I looked up from my book and Calvin was saying "gold fish! gold fish!" and pointing to the bottom of the table. I went over to investigate, and sure enough, he found a hole to put a goldfish in. I hope he learned his lesson since he didn't get to eat it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What sharks do

We were at the Bean Museum the other day and Calvin pointed to the hammerhead shark on the wall and said "Shart! Bite you!" Haha. We didn't even teach him that.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeding "baff"

 One day I looked up from my book and Calvin had put "Baff" (Giraffe) in his high chair, and was spoon feeding him and giving him drinks from his sippy cup. I guess he understands pretend play now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I realize there haven't been many pictures/videos of Calvin recently. Our computer cord finally broke for good, so I have to use my super old and slow computer to put pictures up, which is why there haven't been any recently.

Here are some pictures and a video from a lazy day back in January. Evan was trying to sleep and Calvin was pretending to sleep.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Looking for an apartment

I've been doing a lot of online searching for a place to live, and I'm finding it hard to find the perfect place. I'm trying to choose between:

Neighborhood vs country- I don't really like living in the country. We did that for a summer and it was lonely. They don't have sidewalks and you can't walk/run anywhere. I like living in a place where I can walk around the neighborhood or to a park or to the grocery store occasionally. Plus, in the country the commute may be longer. But we could probably have a garden. And you don't have as many problems with living in a bad neighborhood. And rent may be cheaper. But I'd have to drive 20 or more minutes to get to Target. Or in some cases, the grocery store. (Which may save us money actually. But it would be annoying.)

Ideal rent price/location/etc vs new apartment/open floor plan- I love open floor plans because I can watch Calvin from the kitchen. Plus, who doesn't want granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances? But Connecticut is full of old houses/apartments with weird floor plans so the new ones are hard to come by.

Close to Evan's work vs good neighborhood- Everyone says that you don't really want to live in Middletown. It isn't as safe/nice as some of the surrounding areas. But I want Evan to be able to bike to work so we don't have to buy another car yet. (Ideally we will wait to buy another car until we need a minivan). Plus, I want him to have a short commute so he can spend more time with us. However, he does have carpool options if we live in some places. And feeling safe at and around home is very important to me. But we don't need the absolute best neighborhood either.

Apartment complex vs house- Lots of apartment complexes have amenities like workout rooms, pools, and playgrounds. But they are noisier and we would have to worry more about keeping Calvin quiet than if we lived in a house. Plus, with a house there may be an option of having a garden.

Anyone else had to decide between these things recently? Got any good advice?

Friday, March 2, 2012

A 5 minute snippet from my morning

I take Calvin to the bathroom so he can go potty before we go get the laundry. He sits there and doesn't do anything. I remind him that he gets a chocolate chip if he goes. He still doesn't. Then he insists that his duck bath toy goes poo-poo. I ignore him. The fire alarm starts going off. (This happens pretty frequently when we use the oven.) I press the silence button with a spatula. It doesn't work. I turn the laundry basket over that we've had for 4.5 years and step on it. It breaks. I put it outside to take to the trash later. But at least the fire alarm stops. I go back in the bathroom. Calvin asks for a chocolate chip. I tell him to go potty first. The other alarm goes off. I press the silence button. The timer for the muffins rings. I take them out. They are burned. I look at the oven dial. It is set to 600 degrees. (Not 400 like it was 10 minutes ago.) Thanks Calvin. The alarms goes off again. I take a chair into the bedroom and press the silence button. I open the windows and doors. I go back to the bathroom. Calvin goes potty. I give him a chocolate chip. We go get the laundry.

Another blog

I was reading a few books about miscarriage a while ago to try to figure out why I haven't physically recovered yet, and there was a chapter in there about grieving. Since I am still prone to occasionally bursting out in tears, I thought I would read it. It talked about how miscarriage is one of the most complicated things to grieve because the person you are grieving is only sort of a person and you never met them anyway, but you are sad. Plus, it isn't really socially acceptable to talk about it all the time or even to grieve for a long amount of time. Before I had a miscarriage, I figured people got over them in a few weeks, which really isn't the case.

One of the things they mentioned that helps is journaling. I don't want to burden this blog down with posts about how sad I am, (especially since I'm usually not sad, but when I am, writing helps) so I decided to make another blog. So if you want to read it, you can. It may be more personal than I should write on a public blog, but oh well.