Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Apartment?

Well, we made it to the east coast. We aren't in Connecticut yet, but we probably will be on Saturday.

Last  Friday Evan and I drove from his grandparent's house in NY down to Middletown to look at apartments and by the end of the day on Friday we found a few that we liked, but most were small (bit still bigger than Wymount) and all were expensive.

Saturday we went and looked at one listed on Craig's list. It was $200 cheaper per month but sooooo weird. The floor plan was terrible. It was like someone who had no idea what they were doing just put up walls in random places. There was no real living room or dining room. And the landlord was a little weird. Then we went with a realtor to look at two more. The one we originally thought we would love turned out to be kinda a dump. But the one I thought I wouldn't like is the one we are probably getting. It is also listed for sale and you can see pictures here. If what our realtor is telling us is correct, they will take the for sale listing down and we can live in it for a year at least. It is a condo row-house type thing (only one shared wall!) and has three levels: basement, main floor, and bedrooms upstairs. It also has a deck with stairs down to a grassy area. And it is only about 10 mins from Evan's work. So hopefully it all works out and we can move in on Saturday!

I want to move in asap because I have some new recipes I want to try!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Provo

I'll miss your mountains, your library, your family-friendly atmosphere, your 4th of July fireworks, your low-priced-produce grocery stores, your rock canyon park and hiking trail, your short walks to church, your sunshine, your river trail, your community garden, your non-humid air, and your lovely university. Oh, and your people.

It has been a good (almost) 8 years.

Connecticut, here we come!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just to get this out of my system...

  • Someone probably stole our stroller today. How will I go grocery shopping now? And how will I carry the car seat when we have another baby? RUDE. I only left it under the stairs for 2 and a half hours. Maybe three. In the middle of the day. When tons of people were around because it is finals week. Ridiculous. And RUDE.
  • I hate cleaning.
  • Burned not one, but two grilled cheese sandwiches today. You would think I would have learned my lesson.
  • Why do people post apartments on Craig's list if they aren't going to respond to any emails about it?
  • I prefer having Evan home.
Update 4/17/2012 8:01am: The stroller was returned last night or this morning. Awesome!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prayers and saying sorry

We have been teaching Calvin to say his prayers every day and he is getting good at it. The other day he even thought of something to thank Heavenly Father for by himself.

We also have been teaching him to say sorry. After he goes in time out, we help him repeat "Sorry for hitting you Mommy" (or whatever he did that he is in time out for).

Today he had to go in time out because he kept pulling things out of the box I was packing. This is the conversation we had after time out:

Me: "Say sorry for..."
Calvin: "Sorry for taking out of box. Name Jesus Christ, Amen!"

Haha. Guess he doesn't entirely understand what prayers or saying sorry mean. But it was pretty funny.