Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I hate dogs

I know some of you may love dogs. Forgive me a moment while I tell you how much I hate them.

Today I decided to explore a new street on my walk/run. It led through a forest and as we were walking past a tiny pond, I saw a frog jump out so I let Calvin get out of the stroller to take a look. After a while I started to hear a dog barking in the house down the street. Since we just had an experience with a dog charging us while we were on a walk on Sunday, I didn't want to have Calvin out and running around in case this dog decided to do the same, so I quickly put him back in the stroller and began walking home.

Before I knew it, a little wiener dog had escaped the house across the street and was charging me and barking at me. Meanwhile, the owner practically did nothing. When the dog wouldn't leave me alone and had me trapped with the stroller against the edge of the road/forest, the owner finally came over and started yelling at the dog, which didn't do anything. For some reason she wouldn't pick up that stupid little dog or grab its collar and make it stop barking at me and barring it's teeth. Instead she just picked up a stick and tried to stop it, which didn't do anything. If Calvin hadn't been with me, it might have been easier, but the whole time I had to make sure the dog couldn't reach the inside of the stroller while trying to get away. I wanted to kick that dumb little dog but I didn't want to do it with it's owner right there. Somehow, after like 5 minutes we got out of there, and after I was out of the dog's sight, I ran the rest of the way home.

Seriously. What is up with these people that don't keep their dogs on a leash? When we were on a walk on Sunday and the dog charged us, all the owner did was yell at the dog in a panicked voice, which only made us think that the dog was actually going to attack us.

Ugh. I hate dogs. And owners who don't keep their dogs on leashes and away from me. And I'm considering carrying mace with me when I run.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding Flowers

Before we moved I did the flowers for a couple of weddings. The first was at the end of March and was for my sister-in-law's sister. The flowers were pretty simple, but pretty. The lilies I bought never opened all the way despite my best efforts, but oh well. You can see more pictures here.

The second wedding was for my own sister. Her bouquet was my favorite out of all the bouquets I've ever made. You can see more pictures here and here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snowman, revisited

Calvin now (sorta) sings snowman, instead of just doing the actions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A tour of our new apartment

I thought it was probably about time to give you all a tour of our new spacious living accommodations. We are renting a three-level (basement, main, and second floor) condo. We have the end unit so we only share a wall with one neighbor. It has two bedrooms, 1 full bath, and 2 half baths.

I am not anywhere close to done decorating, so don't judge me for our empty/ugly rooms. And I didn't bother to clean up the messes before I took the pictures either. You can judge me for that since our house always looks like that when Calvin is awake.

Shall we begin with the basement? It is our craft room/play room/guest room/exercise room/escape-the-summer-heat room.
That big box is the box our couch came in and it is now Calvin's house.

Basement half bath

Craft stuff

Calvin's other cardboard house

Inside Calvin's house

Looking at the basement from the other direction. The curtained-off area is under-stairs storage and the open door goes into the bathroom.

Laundry room! Hooray!
 We now move to the main floor. Naturally we will start at the back of the house since I took the pictures in that order.
Looking into the kitchen from the living/dining room. That door is the back door that goes to our deck. There is also a door (not pictured) on the right of where I was standing when I took this picture that goes into another half bath (also not pictured).

More kitchen

Spacious pantry!

Deck out the back door.

View out the kitchen window.

Dining room (part of the living room).

View when you walk in front door. The kitchen is straight back.

Another view when you walk in the front door.

View from kitchen.

View from couch. This is our new bookcase that we got for free when we bought our couch.

View going upstairs. There is a linen closet at the top of the stairs.

View looking back down the stairs.

Our bedroom closets (we each have our own!)

Our bedroom

Our bedroom again. That door goes to the bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom. The two sinks would be great if one of them wasn't clogged.

From the other direction

Calvin's room

More of Calvin's room.

Attic (I guess we have 4 levels!)
And that completes our tour. Come visit us! We have plenty of space for you to sleep, but you'll have to share our shower.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Funny pictures of Calvin

 Here are some pictures from Christmas time when we did our murder mystery family dinner. Calvin's aunts and uncles dressed his face up for the occasion and I thought I'd finally share the pictures since they are hilarious.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Maybe I will like it here!

Yesterday I went for a super long run (4.6 miles with the stroller!) and explored a bit of our neighborhood. I ran past horses, cows, tractors (Calvin was pretty happy about that), forests, streams, a pond, a house built in 1781, and a wildlife/land acquisition area. I have to say that Connecticut is looking more and more beautiful. It is different from the evergreen forests of Portland and very different from the mountains and valley floor of Utah valley, but it is quite pretty.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shopping adventures

Today I decided to check out the mall in Farmington (half hour and 20 miles away). When I told Calvin we were going to the mall today he was really excited because he likes to play at mall playgrounds. We looked all around for it, but unfortunately, this mall had no playground. Seems consistent with the rest of Connecticut so far. Poor kid.

Calvin may not have lucked out, but I did, at least initially. We stopped in Anthropologie and picked up the orange bowl I've been wanting to add to my collection. Unluckily for me, I either bought a cracked one or it cracked on the way home. Now I can't decide whether to drive all the way back there and exchange it or just live with a cracked bowl.

I also stopped at Target and they had the sweater I've been thinking about purchasing on clearance AND in my size. That never happens. So obviously I bought it.

On a side note, Evan's work is in such an inconvenient location, meaning it is by pretty much nothing. Which means when we buy a house, either he has to have a long commute to work, or I have to drive half an hour to go shopping. Neither is ideal. But hey. At least he has a job, right?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New couch

We bought this couch the other day:
 I really liked it online and at the store but when we brought it home, I didn't like it anymore. And I think I know why. I love warm colors. Cool colors look nice too, but I am naturally drawn to warm colors. Especially in my decor. But this couch is a cool color and I didn't realize it until we set it up in the living room. It looks kinda bad with everything else.

Here are some photos. First of all, I know the pictures are hung too high. I may move them lower, but then Calvin can reach them and that is annoying.
 Better with the white rug? What do you think?

 Any suggestions?

Monday, May 7, 2012

The solution to my instant yeast problem

I think I mentioned that yeast is super expensive here. And I use a lot of it. So here is my solution. I know. Four pounds of yeast is a lot. But still cheaper than buying two 4 oz jars here so it is okay if a pound or two goes bad.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some things about Connecticut.

Hello all. We finally have internet. Being without it for almost a whole week was pretty isolating. But I probably got a lot more done than I would have otherwise.

So far, Connecticut is okay, but it is taking a little getting used to. Here are some things I have noticed:

  • People here (and probably all over New England) have an accent. They say praaablem instead of problem.
  • Milk, cheese, and butter cost a fortune here! Twice as much as I paid in Utah. All the grocery stores are different here too. They only have tiny bags of flour and the yeast was in the refrigerator by the eggs. I didn't buy it though since it cost $7 for a tiny jar.
  • I did find a cheap grocery store that had dairy for significantly less, but they don't bag my groceries and you have to buy the bags. And their food is so random. Guess the world can't be perfect.
  • My hair will not stay straight here. It starts frizzing about an hour after I straighten it.
  • I've heard that playgrounds exist here, but I have yet to find one. Except in people's yards. Poor Calvin keeps asking to go to a playground.
  • Having a washer and dryer is sooooooo nice.
  • No hard water here! Awesome.
  • Our condo is about twice the size of our last apartment. It is nice, but I have to walk too far to get things! I guess there are benefits to living in a tiny apartment after all!
  • I think everyone in our condo community owns a dog. And they all walk them at about 5pm. Calvin LOVES it. Also, remind me never to buy a house in an HOA.
  • Our ward is great so far. About 10 people introduced themselves to me on Sunday and one lady even called me yesterday to see how we were doing and offer any assistance. And Calvin stayed in nursery by himself for the last half hour or something!
  • Birds wake me up every morning at 5:30. So annoying.