Friday, August 31, 2012

A few things about Calvin these days.

This stage of Calvin's life is so strange to me now that he isn't a baby, but he is still so small.

He's been doing a lot of really annoying things lately like anytime we forget to lock the fridge, he turns the dial  to the coldest setting and freezes all our food. Anyone else have kids who do that? It drives me crazy!

He also threw a huge tantrum this morning. He said he wanted to go outside so we got his ball and shoes and went outside. I started working on sanding a chair I'm going to paint, and Calvin started crying and said he wanted to go inside. After a few minutes of crying and screaming, I finally let him go back inside because our neighbor was out on his deck right next to us and he was on the phone.

He has also started asking a lot of questions ALL the time. I think most kids do that at his age though. But it does get a little tiresome answering the same question five times in a row.

He also does lots of cute and funny and smart things. Yesterday at a playground he actually initiated playing with another little boy. He waited for him at the top of the slide and showed him how to push the swings. It was pretty cute.

And he is so happy. He fake laugh sometimes, which is hilarious because he bends over and holds his stomach. And whenever we tickle him he scrunches up in a little ball and giggles and says "Stop titiling me!"

He says hilarious things too. Like "What's in the World?!" and "easy does it!" and "never in my life!"

And he talks all the time. He's quite the little chatterbox.

He listens to stories now too. It is great, but he usually wants to read the same ones over and over, which gets a little boring.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here is a picture of me about a week ago when I was 15 weeks  pregnant.  I think I took it after dinner so that belly is baby + food baby.
As mentioned in a previous post, we are expecting a baby in February. And we are so grateful! We weren't expecting to get pregnant so soon after the miscarriage in January, but we are counting our blessings. (Here's where I put my plug in for this book. Anyone trying to get pregnant should read it, especially if they are having a hard time getting pregnant.) I'm especially grateful to be out of the first trimester, since with all of my pregnancies I have threatened to miscarry. Luckily, even though we had a few scares, this has been the least scary of my three pregnancies so far.

This time around, I already know what having a newborn is like so I'm not looking forward to the lack of sleep and the constant nursing, but we are looking forward to having another child and an eventual playmate for Calvin. We were hoping to have Calvin and his sibling only two years apart instead of three, but this may just be a blessing to have that extra year. After all, I really don't do well with little sleep and this has allowed me a whole extra year to recharge before I go back into sleepless and often grumpy mother mode.

I've been blessed not to get sick while I'm pregnant. I have thrown up a few times, but I wan't nauseous. It was more due to an overactive gag reflex. I have been really tired though, but luckily Calvin has been taking 3 hour naps for the past two or three months. What a blessing!

We won't know if it is a boy or girl for a few more weeks, but this time around I don't care which one it is. A boy would be great because Calvin would have a buddy and we already have all the clothes. A girl would be great too because girl clothes are adorable. Either way, we are excited.

We have started telling Calvin that there is a baby in my belly. I'm not sure he completely understands, but he understands something is a little different. In the store the other day he randomly said to me "Mommy! There is a baby in your belly!" I've been having him put his hand on my belly and then poking my stomach out quickly so he thinks the baby is moving in there. He thinks it is pretty funny.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I've been looking for a mid century modern credenza to put a TV on ever since I saw one in the apartment of a girl I visit taught at Wymount. While we were sill in Provo, I found one at DI, but we didn't have the room or the money for it at that point so I let someone else take my treasure.

I've had the following three credenzas pinned on Pinterest for a while.


When I walked into Goodwill the other day, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this one at the back of the store in nearly perfect condition! And it was only $44.99. I knew Evan wouldn't really want to buy it since we already had something to put our TV on, but I had money from my birthday so I looked at it, went home and thought about it, and went back an hour later and bought it. Granted, it cost $20 more than that since we rented a truck from Home Depot to bring it home, but I am still pretty happy about it.

It did have a wobbly leg, but we fixed that by tightening a screw. And one of the drawers was coming apart, but it wasn't anything a little wood glue couldn't fix.

I did feel kinda bad about drilling this hole in the back of it, but now we can hide all our cords and computer and DVD player (when we get one).

Right now we are using our computer to watch Netflix on TV since we only get two lame channels. Now we can hide it inside instead of leaving it on top with all the cords. And the inside smells like Christmas!

I love these little handles!

And I really like this top drawer.
Unfortunately, I am pretty sure Calvin is going to do as much damage to it in the next year as whoever owned it before did in the last 50 or 60. But I'll enjoy it while I can!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Evan's birthday is three days after mine. He didn't take work off for his birthday, but we tried to make it as special as possible while he was home. In the morning I actually got up early and made him breakfast. If you know me, you know that is a huge sacrifice. Haha. I love my sleep.

That night we had a Reeses cream pie for dessert. Evan forgot to make a wish too. He let Calvin help him blow out the candles.

 Calvin helped him open his presents too.

 Calvin gave Evan a paper airplane.

 He got emergency kit stuff from me (it is what he asked for) and underwear (he didn't ask for that.).
We love Evan/Daddy. Happy birthday!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I had a great birthday this year. I told Evan to take the day off of work and we spent the whole day together as a family. We started out with a walk to "Big Water," which is the lake Calvin and I usually walk to. Evan pushed the stroller this time. We brought Calvin's ball along and he made a goal!
 Since Evan didn't know what to get me for my birthday, he didn't get me anything, so we drove up to the mall and I picked out all my birthday presents. Then we got our free birthday lunch at Red Robin. Except this year it wasn't free because we decided to splurge and get their onion rings, which were totally worth it.

That evening we had strawberry shortcake for my cake. Yum!
 We didn't have any candles or a lighter so we had to turn on the grill to light the candles. Haha.
 I managed to blow out all the candles, but I forgot to make a wish!
 Evan made me that birthday hat.

 While we were shopping we found this adorable hat for Calvin. I'm so glad he likes to wear hats!

Here are a couple of videos of Calvin singing happy birthday. It was pretty precious.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Calvin is getting ready for February 11th.


and holding

and loving

and studying

and practicing!

Looks like he'll be a good little helper!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This morning Calvin and I stopped at Goodwill and I found two things. The first was a large piece of furniture that I have to rent a truck to bring home. It is awesome and I'll show you pictures after we bring it home.

Here is the second one. I've been looking for an ottoman to re-upholster for a while. We recently bought some cheap storage ottoman cubes as a temporary solution from the back to college section at Target, but they aren't very good quality and they are driving me nuts because Calvin dumps them out several times a day.

At $7.99, this ottoman seemed like a good beginning upholstery project for me.. Kinda ugly, but it has nice looking peg legs under its skirt. It had a few stains too, but that's no big deal.

Since I don't have a fabric for it yet, I thought I'd take off the skirt to see how it looked, and I almost like it just how it is. I rubbed the stains with a little water and they came right out. So I guess I'm not in a big hurry to re-upholster it after all.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Face

Calvin's favorite song these days is "Happy Face" also known as "If You chance to Meet a Frown." He surprised us one day by singing both verses of the song all by himself. The first video is the good one. The other two are him getting distracted by his happy face papers while singing.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Granny Square Blanket: Complete (almost)

Remember this post from February 2011? Or this one from August 2011?

Well, a year and a half later it is done! (Okay. Almost done. I still have 12 more circles to attach. But I wrote this blog post on August 11th so maybe by the time it is published it will be 100 percent done. Maybe.)

Isn't it lovely? I just hope it doesn't fall apart due to my amateur crochet skills.

Here's the link to the free pattern.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thrift store find

Check out this lamp I bought the other day at Goodwill. I love it! It was a little more that I'd usually pay for a lamp there ($8), but bright yellow!
Now I just need somewhere to put it. Haha. Guess I'll have to buy another end table.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Playing in the water

We were hoping to let Calvin play in the sprinkler this summer but neither of the hose hookups outside our condo work. Then we remembered how Evan's sister let her kid play in a bucket of water outside and decided to try the same here. Calvin loved it.
Do you like his cloth swim diaper (aka speedo)? Haha.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Storage

After a reminder about food storage from our Ward Emergency Preparedness person, we decided that now would be a good time to get a three month supply of non-perishables in our home. So the past week or so I have been doing a lot of grocery shopping and comparing prices of canned goods and stocking up on each item at whatever store it is cheapest.
 I think this is going to be really nice to have this food because groceries here are expensive. We used to spend $180 a month in Provo and now we spend $300 (although some of that money has to do with our new addiction to those expensive refrigerated pickles and pistachios). This way we'll have food on hand and I won't have to pay more for it when I need it at the last minute. Plus, if our power goes out for a week (which seems to happen fairly often here) and we can't drive anywhere, we'll have some food.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Evan taught Calvin to do a somersault the other day. He can do headstands against the couch too so I guess he is just a regular gymnast!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainbow dish towels

I haven't been doing many crafts lately, but this one seemed like an easy one so I sat down and did it the other day. I thought it would only take twenty minutes but with Calvin getting into stuff and changing the bobbin so many times, it took over two hours. I think they turned out great though!

I love a pretty dish towel!

Monday, August 13, 2012


This year we managed to get a few plants in the ground despite the fact that we are renting a condo.

This isn't in the ground, but it is growing great! I love fresh basil but we've been eating so much of it that I might be getting tired of it! I'm not tired of chives though.
 I planted two kinds of tomatoes this year. We have two Super Sweet One Hundred plants (cherry tomatoes) and three of some kind of purple tomato (probably Cherokee Purple).

The cherry tomato plants are HUGE. I tied some of them up to our deck, which makes them about 7 feet tall.
 We are also growing sweet banana peppers. Earlier in the season bugs were eating the plants, but now they are growing pretty well. The two we ate so far were not very good though, so I'm hoping the rest taste better!

I harvested a bunch of the purple tomatoes today. They are kinda ugly. They are supposed to taste really good (like Brandywine tomatoes), but so far I think they don't have much flavor. I think I like more acidic tomatoes.

We have gotten a lot of cherry tomatoes. We probably pick six a day. They are pretty tasty!

This is a baked potato I had for lunch with purple tomatoes and chives on it. Yum!