Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Outfits, Part 4

December 19

December 20. Christmas earrings.

December 21. I wore it like this all day, but...

this seems a little more Christmas-y

December 22. Please note the pine cone earrings.
 December 23: No picture. I only have two dresses that fit now and neither of them are Christmas-y.
December 24. Check out how Christmas-y Evan is!

December 25!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Primary Lesson

Today I taught a primary lesson on self control/goal making. I brought a chocolate orange to class and gave them each a piece in a little bag. Then I told them they could eat it right then or they could practice self control and wait until the end of class. If they still had it, I'd give them 3 more pieces. It was pretty funny to watch them staring at their pieces of chocolate, trying so hard not to eat them during the whole lesson. They all made it though!

I think it was my most effective primary lesson yet.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Outfits 2012, Part 3

December 13

December 14. That sweater is green, in case you can't tell.
December 15
And yes, I actually did wear the tackiest shoes ever. But they are so Christmas-y!

December 16. I didn't actually wear a Christmas outfit that day. I don't seem to fit into very many church clothes these days. But I did wear a Christmas apron!

December 17

December 18

Monday, December 17, 2012

Calvin's Naps

Calvin has pretty much stopped taking naps. I still make him go to his room for about three hours every day after lunch just in case he wants to take a nap, but I'm pretty sure he spends the entire time looking out the window or playing with toys. Perhaps leaving an almost-three-year-old alone for in his room for hours makes me a neglectful mother, but at least I am giving him a chance to nap!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pez Factory + Middletown Christmas (Edited)

Ever since we moved here Evan has been trying to convince me to go to the Pez Factory in Orange, CT. We finally got around to going a week or two ago. Basically it is a glorified gift shop with windows you can look in and see the people making Pez candy.

They had a huge collection of Pez containers including some really old ones. Evan thought it was pretty cool. I thought it was okay. Did you know that people will pay $2000+ on ebay for certain pez containers? What a waste of money. Haha.

 Calvin especially liked looking at the Thomas the Train Pez guys.
A few days later we went to Downtown Middletown to participate in some of the free holiday activities there. First we went to storytime with the Police Chief and a giant Pokey Little Puppy. Unfortunately we forgot our camera so we don't have any pictures.

Then we rode a little train around the block (Calvin loved it!) and took a horse and wagon ride down Main Street. Calvin loved that even more. Santa was there too, but Calvin made sure to avoid all eye contact with him. Haha. Santa gave him a candy cane anyway.

We ended with a movie: Santa and the Three Bears, which was really boring but only 35 minutes long.

Edited: Shanna forgot to explain the important stuff. There were lots and lots of pretty cool Pez dispensers. For example: 2 BYU dispensers, the American Chopper guys, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Presidents of the USA, Superheros, Disney Princesses and Characters, and of course Prince William and Kate dispensers. (Wouldn't want to forget them...) Even Pez guns which hold a clip of Pez candy. Also, during the family movie day at Wesleyan University, I went out and watched a wrestling match on campus.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baby Girl dress from and old shirt

 Hey everybody. Remember when I wore this pink shirt and my brother Dave wore my pink coat and attacked me?
Okay, well really that was the only picture I could find of me wearing that shirt. And you can't even see it. Since I'm not as skinny as I was 5 years ago when that picture was taken, I decided to make that shirt into a dress for the baby. The neckline was too cute to throw away! (I already made the sleeves into baby leggings.)

Here it is. Adorable, right?
 I think it will fit her in about 2 years. Haha. And why are sleeves so hard to sew on?

Friday, December 14, 2012

What I've been up to

I feel like I've had a little more energy the past few weeks and I've been getting more stuff done. Here's what I've been doing:

Shopping- The other day I went shopping all day. 8:30 to 3:00 or something. It was kinda exhausting and carrying in the groceries/stuff was almost traumatic since it was raining and Calvin kept locking the door when I went out to the car. But now we have a well stocked pantry and pretty much all the Christmas shopping is done. I'm trying to get everything ready by the end of January so we don't really have to leave the house for like 3 months after the baby is born.

Making freezer meals- I made 8 batches of bulgogi the other day. Now I just need our big freezer to be delivered so I can make more meals since our little freezer is pretty much completely full. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to be here until after Christmas.

Reading- I haven't read a book in months! But I need to learn everything I can about getting babies to sleep so I've started reading about that. Although from what I've been reading, I pretty much already know everything the books have to say. But I'm sure I'll learn something useful.

Sorting/de-odorizing fabric- A friend gave me 3 large garbage bags of fabric that her landlords had been storing in their basement for forever. I guess the landlord used to work at a suit-making factory and they had a lot of remnants. I am not keeping most of it, but some of it I am pretty excited about.

 The only problem is that all the fabric is really stinky. It smells like old lady perfume + basement + something else I can't figure out. And the smell doesn't come out with a simple wash.
 But after washing with baking soda, then vinegar, and then hanging them in the window to air out, I think I have gotten the smell out of some of them. I wish I could put them all outside in the sun, but I'm pretty sure that is against the condo rules. So I have to go slowly and do a few pieces at a time in our sunny windows.

Eating- Frozen mangoes and blueberries thawed slightly and then blended up with a hand mixer = better than ice cream. Also, chex covered in white chocolate is delicious.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas advents this year

This year we are doing a couple of advent-y things with Calvin. First, I bought one of those cheap chocolate advent calendars and Calvin gets a chocolate every night if his underwear stays dry all day. I made the mistake of saying I wished Calvin would wet his pants so I could have one and the very same day he wet his pants. At least I got a chocolate!

Next, we acquired  25+ Christmas books, wrapped them up, and have been opening one every night to read to Calvin. He chooses one from under the tree and then we hide it and play hotter and colder until he finds it. Then he unwraps it and we read it. I've really enjoyed this so far.
We got books from a few different places. I got some from thrift stores, bought nine online (they had to be under $3including shipping for me to buy them), and we checked out the rest from the library. I made sure to wrap all the library books in red paper and Calvin choose those ones first so we could return them to the library before they were due. Here are some of the books we have read so far:

 My favorite book for Calvin was Snowmen at Christmas. We got it from the library and it has awesome pictures, well written rhyming text, and hidden things in every picture. I think we'll probably buy that one for next year.

The Christmas Elves have also been visiting every day. Pretty much all the presents are for Calvin this year. Every day while he is eating lunch he looks at the elf chart and says "The elves brought another present!"
For those of you who don't know about the elf chart, the Elves bring a present every night and then we open them all on Christmas Eve. They are usually things like toothpaste and chapstick or small toys.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas outfits 2012, Part 2

December 5. You can't tell from the picture, but I'm wearing Santa earrings.

December 6. Please note the Christmas socks.

December 7, at the Pez Factory. Note the red earrings.

December 8. Note the gingerbread pin and the Christmas socks.

December 9. Calvin isn't wearing a Christmas outfit, but we let him be in the picture since he is adorable.

December 10.

December 11. Bell necklace. And my shirt is sorta green? Plus my earrings are red.

December 12. Santa pin! And green earrings.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby blanket #2

I've been working on this blanket ever since I finished the last one. For this one, I swore not to buy any new yarn. I used this pattern and got about halfway done with the blanket, alternating colors randomly every row, and then decided I didn't like it so I pulled it all out and started over, doing big blocks of each color until I ran out of yarn.

To be honest, I'm not in love with how it turned out. The yellows are too close in color. But oh well.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrift store finds

I'm getting bored of posting about this stuff so I'm sure you are all getting bored of my posts, but I already took the pictures for this one so I may as well post it.

Savers had a Veteran's Day sale where they had all their clothes and shoes half off so Calvin and I got there right when they opened and lined up at the door with about 30 other people waiting for the sale to start (I know. Kinda weird. But 50% off already cheap prices is pretty good.)

Here are some of the things I got.
Books. 69 cents each.

Church pants for Calvin. $1 each.

$2 and $2.50. Both barely used. And warm.

So, this is weird, but I bought these jeans for a baby boy because Calvin had the exact same ones and we loved them so much that they completely wore out. So I may have wasted a dollar if we never have another boy.

These were all $3.50 or less.

I especially love these. They are barely used. To buy them new costs about $50.

A new larger diaper bag/purse.

Onesies were 50 cents each. And isn't the baby girl shirt on the left adorable? It is pretty much brand new, from Baby Gap, and only $1.25.

I think these were each a dollar.

Also a dollar.

Some yellow fabric and two sheets. $2 or less each.

While I was taking pictures of all this stuff a squirrel sat down on our front steps for about 5 minutes. Calvin kept looking at it through the glass door and eventually went to get a book of church pictures to teach the squirrel a family home evening lesson. Haha.