Monday, January 28, 2013


Calvin has a really hard time holding still during prayers. In fact, he is more wiggly during prayers than almost any other time. Tonight during family home evening he got in trouble for not being reverent and had to practice holding still for 10 seconds in a row.It was really hard for him, but eventually he got it.

Somewhat miraculously, he was being really good while I said the closing prayer. Then, all of a sudden he let out a loooong... um... toot. Evan and I busted up laughing and I could barely finish the prayer. Now I guess we'll never be able to teach him how to be reverent since apparently he has no good examples to follow. Haha.

Monday, January 21, 2013


To celebrate our baby being full term (37 weeks) today, we are having a contest.

Before Calvin was born we had a contest on our blog to guess his weight. We thought we'd do that this time around too, but not for weight this time.

This time, you have to guess when the baby will be born. Like last time, the winner gets to choose our baby's name!

Haha. Just kidding. You win a one dollar bill. Just like last time.

Here are the rules: enter the contest by submitting a comment. One comment per person. Include a day, hour, and minute. The winner is the closest guess. Comments will be no longer be accepted after we reveal that I am in labor or if I get too overdue, when a c-section is scheduled.

And if this helps, my due date is February 11 and Calvin was three days early. So guess away!

Thrift store finds

Savers had another 50 percent off sale today and I picked up all these clothes for the kids for about $16. My favorite is the blue polka dot shirt-dress. I also bought a feather throw pillow (is that gross? It said it had been sanitized) and Calvin spent the three dollars he got for his birthday on a toy vacuum.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recent sewing projects

I made this scarf out of some of the material my friend gave me, hoping that it would distract from my extra large belly. I may end up removing the tassel. I'm not sure I love it.
Evan and I both made cases for our new ipad minis. It took us at least half the day on Saturday and we messed up a lot since we didn't have any patterns and each was made of three layers of fabric, but I think they turned out pretty well in the end. And they didn't cost us anything since we used fabric and supplies from my stash.

This one is mine:
The button is just for show.

The elastic holds it all the way shut.

The velcro holds it shut too.
 This is Evan's.

Elastic holds his shut.

Check out the floral fabric he choose for the inside. Haha.

And this is what Calvin played with while I sewed my scarf.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Calvin's Birthday

Calvin turned three on January 6th! 

We started out his birthday with a special balloon surprise. Remember this one from last year?
Idea from here

He was really excited about having a "happy birthday cake," and at my suggestion, he decided on a soccer ball cake. It was my first time ever making a layered cake and I thought it turned out pretty well.
The frosting was orange cream cheese and it was absolutely delicious.
We had two little "birthday parties" with our families in Google hang outs. My family watched him open the majority of his presents.

Evan's family watched him open another present and then sang him happy birthday while he (with some help from Evan) blew out his candles.

In keeping with tradition, I don't think he actually ended up eating any more than a bite of his cake. He did like the ice cream though.

We are so happy to have had this little boy for the past three years! He is getting so big an smart and helpful and we love him so much!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Poo poos and nap time

Yesterday I let Calvin wear his underwear during nap time instead of a diaper (not that he naps all that often these days; usually only once or twice a week, but he has "nap time" every day for a few hours). It was a pretty big deal to wear undies during nap and it was successful so I decided to try again today. The only problem is I told him that he could yell "Mommy! Mommy!" if he needed to go poopoo. So every five minutes, guess what I heard?

I took him into the bathroom three times without any results so I decided to just give up and put the diaper back on and let him poop in there if he needed to. Calvin did not like that idea! Through gasping sobs, he repeated all the things I've been telling him for months: "Babies go poo poo in their diapers! I don't want diaper rash! I want to wear my undies! I want to go poo poo on the toilet!"

If he weren't crying so hard, I would have laughed out loud. I let him try one more time and then we put his diaper on and he said he was going to go to sleep.

I'm not exactly sure what the solution to this problem is. But right now he is up in his room wearing his diaper and yelling "I want to go poo poo!" I'll probably leave him in there for another hour and hope he goes to sleep.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Years Eve

I realize it was half a month ago, but I thought I'd write about it anyways.

For the past three or four years we've been going to my sister-in-law Amanda's parents house on New Years Eve. They always do an oil fondue where you can cook all kinds of meat. We loved their tradition so much that we bought our own fondue pot and had our own fondue night!

The menu included spinach artichoke dip and little smokies. The fondue options were marinated chicken, non-marinated chicken, steak, mushrooms, zucchini, shrimp, and sweet potatoes, with garlic butter to dip them in.

It think favorite this year was the zucchini!

After we finished with fondue, we watched a movie and then I fell asleep on to couch while Evan watched sports or something. I woke up a few minutes before midnight, but I missed the New Year countdown because I was brushing my teeth for too long. Whoops!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our freezer

I ordered a freezer online from Lowes at the beginning of December with plans to have it by Christmas Eve so we could freeze the leftovers from our Christmas dinner. It never arrived on Christmas Eve and after a bunch of phone calls and a few delivery fake-outs, it finally arrived about a week and a half ago. Let's just say that despite the helpfulness of a few of the people at Lowes, I don't think I'll order from their website again.

But it is here now and I have 7 cubic feet of extra room to store food! I am so excited about it. After Calvin was born I swore I'd make 3 months of freezer meals because cooking dinner every day in addition to nursing all day every day was too hard for me.

I've been doubling or tripling every recipe I've made for dinner the past week and a half and we have over 30 meals bought or made. I'm about out of space, but the freezer above our fridge still has room so I'm not done yet!
Let's just hope we don't get a huge storm that knocks out our power for more than a day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

36 weeks and sorta ready

I only have 3 weeks and 6 days until my due date (one more week until full term) and we've been busy getting ready around here.

We moved the crib into our room. Originally we were just going to keep the baby in Calvin's room, but I don't trust him alone with her and I don't want him waking her up. Plus, we never bought a pack and play to put in our room for nap times.

I also washed all the baby stuff so everything is clean and ready to go: even the car seat, Boppy, and baby carriers.

It is not ideal to have her in our room, but we set up the bookcase as a slight barrier between our bed and hers. Hopefully we will all get at least a little sleep. We are definitely not a bed-sharing family.
I remember having to go to the store a few days after Calvin got home from the hospital because he didn't fit into his size one diapers yet, so this time around I ordered a bunch of the newborn size in advance. Now those tiny diapers are all set up and ready for a little bum!
When we had Calvin I wrote down how many of each size of diaper we used and I'm so glad I did! Now I know about how many of each size of diaper to stock up on.
All her clothes are in the bookcase in our room now too.
Even the bed in the basement is made and ready for my mom to sleep in.

I'm still working on freezer meals though, so she can't come yet.

P.S. Despite two ultrasounds to the contrary, I still have a sneaking suspicion that she is really a boy.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Have I mentioned that pretty much everyone in my family that can be pregnant is pregnant? My parents are getting four new grandchildren this year. And the first of them came last night! We are excited for my brother Dave and his wife Amanda to finally have thir baby boy.

Next up, our baby!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A few thoughts

I thought I'd write a quick post before I get back to my freezer cooking.

First, Calvin is getting hilarious. I took him to the doctor yesterday. Usually he won't even make eye contact with strangers, but yesterday he sat there in his underwear just chatting away to the doctor. He told the doctor that we lived at the mall, we didn't go to BYU for his birthday, we don't have any fruits or vegetables at our house (not true! embarrassing! haha), and there is some happy birthday cake in our fridge. When he got his shot, he didn't even flinch this time. That kid is tough!

Second, Calvin is getting really smart. He recognizes all the stores we go to and can tell me when we are there. The other day he told me that Stop and Shop is the store that gives out cookies and it is by the Dollar Store. He was exactly right. He remembers everything else too, so be careful what you say around him. And he is really good at puzzles. And he loves to sing.

I told him a long time ago that baby sister wouldn't come out until after my belly got big and after Christmas and after his birthday. He remembered so now every few days he asks if she can come out now since all those requirements have been met.

Speaking of big belly, I don't remember being this uncomfortable last time I was pregnant. I can usually make it to about 2:30 before my back and skin start hurting. It seems the closer I get to my due date, the more things I want to get done and the less energy I have to do them. I went to bed before 8 on Sunday and around 9 yesterday. That seemed to help a little. Only 5 more weeks until my due date!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


We woke up to a white Christmas in New York, but had no problems driving home.
  When we got home we discovered that Santa left Calvin a dump truck and a tractor! He was so excited about playing with them that he didn't even want to open his other presents.

 We eventually convinced him to open them though.
 Though he loved all his presents, the best reaction he had was when he opened this shirt and said "It's BYU!!!!"

 I don't want to bore you all by listing all of our presents, but lets just say we felt very spoiled this year!

Calvin loves this toy. He has already played with it for hours!

This is just to document some of the present wrapping.

Evan and Calvin made me this mini chair out of cardboard. I thought it was pretty cool.

Evan's eyes match his sweater!
 We spent the rest of Christmas video chatting with family and making dinner. It was just the three of us for dinner, but that's probably good since I overcooked almost everything. Haha. It all still tasted okay though.
Check out all our Christmas-colored dishes!
As we were finishing up eating, my sister and her husband arrived and stayed with us for a couple of days. It was fun to have them visit and it was nice to see more family over Christmas. Plus, Calvin loved having two more people to play with him.

Of course we forgot to take pictures while they were here, but we had fun playing games and going out in the snow. On the 27th we drove them back to Boston and they watched Calvin for us while we went to the temple. The weather was terrible on the drive there and back, but fortunately we avoided accidents.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year we stayed around here for Christmas since I am getting pretty close to my due date. We probably could have traveled since I was still 33 weeks at Christmas, but I didn't want to risk being away from my doctor in case something happened.

We did go up to New York to Evan's grandparents' house on Christmas Eve, but we came home the next morning since Santa came to our house, not theirs.

Before we left for New York, we opened elf gifts. Most of them were for Calvin and I think he was actually getting tired of opening them by the end. Haha.

He mostly got road signs to use with his cars. Plus some toothbrushes.

Evan got the usual boring, but useful elf gifts: post-its, mints, and toothpaste.
When we got to New York, we joined Evan's extended family, some of their friends, and the missionaries for their annual Christmas party. We had a delicious dinner, read the Christmas story, did a white elephant gift exchange, and opened more elf gifts. Their elf gifts had scriptures attached that gave us clues to what they were. It was pretty clever!

Calvin had a great time playing with Evan's cousin's daughter during the party. It was nice to have another kid for him to play with. He also ended up getting a pretty bad bloody nose while we were there.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New (Old) Chair

We needed a new chair to put upstairs for me to sit in while I nurse the baby. I'd been looking at this chair from IKEA in grey:
but they ran out of the grey a few days before Christmas and Evan couldn't get it for me.

I wasn't planning on buying this one, but I was dreaming about it and loving the orange color:
 I also love the look of these classic wingbacks:
 So when we walked into Goodwill a few days before Christmas and saw this chair, I knew we had to have it!
 It isn't in perfect condition, but it is pretty good and it was WAY cheaper at $29.99 than the IKEA chair I originally wanted. To be honest, the IKEA chair is more comfortable, but this one is easier to get out of, which will help if I end up having a c-section again. These pictures don't quite do it justice. It is awesome. And the best part: I have a place to sit now.
Of course if someone still wanted to buy me the IKEA chair in grey, I'd could definitely find a place to put it.