Thursday, April 25, 2013


Calvin is potty trained. He doesn't even wear diapers at night and he has never wet the bed (knock on wood). But during his nap (which usually isn't a nap, rather a play alone in his room time) I make him wear a diaper. And then I lock him in his room. Mean? Maybe. Detrimental, to his potty training development? Possibly. But it is totally worth it. Today I got a nap! I'll probably have to pay for it by changing a very stinky diaper, but totally worth it!

House hunting

After months of looking online, we have finally started looking for a house in person. I never knew buying a house was such a tedious process! First you have to go get pre-qualified at the bank. It took me a whole week to figure out how mortgages and the different types of loans and closing costs work. And I still don't completely understand.

Then you have to find a real estate agent who knows what they are doing and doesn't annoy you. That wasn't too hard, but we didn't end up going with the first agent we talked to.

Then you have to find a house you like that is in your price range. I thought that after looking online for a year we were being pretty realistic about what we could get for our money: probably not a newer house, only three bedrooms instead of four, probably only one bathroom, likely less than 1500 square feet. Probably only a one car garage, if we can even get one. But so far everything we have looked at that meets these lowered expectations has still either been too small or needed 10s of thousands of dollars in work.

Granted, we do have a very small area that we are looking in: I really only want to live in the town just north of us in order to get into a better school district, be closer to shopping, and to keep Evan's commute as short as possible. I am considering three other towns, but really, I really want to live in Cromwell.

We found a house that I absolutely love in the neighborhood right by the church that is in walking distance of our favorite park and just 15 minutes from work. It is a 1950s brick ranch and has a lot of charm: wood floors, a fireplace, an awesome coat closet with little windows in it, tons of huge windows, and a huge basement. Plus a great yard on a non-busy street. It isn't huge, but it is big enough for us to live there forever, especially if we finished the basement.

We even went back for a second showing and I started calculating how much we could afford to fix now, and what we could wait a few years to do. I've spent hours thinking about this house and how perfect it is. I've done calculations, made graphs, and planned how we will spend our extra money for the next ten years. But I finally convinced myself of what I really knew all along: no matter how perfect the location is and how cute the house is, it doesn't make financial sense to buy a house that needs as much work as this one does. Maybe if it were listed for $60,000 less. but not at the current price. The basement has water damage, the paint is peeling (huge lead paint concern for our kids), the damaged tile in the basement is likely made of asbestos, almost all of the appliances are either original or really old. There is fake and real wood paneling that looks ugly and would have to be removed, the bathroom and kitchen need updates, the broiler and oil tank are ancient, the finished part of the basement is in super bad repair... The list goes on and on.

Thank goodness my rational side finally won over my emotional side this time around. We would have had to put every penny we earned into that adorable house.

So on we go to look at more houses... or rent forever. At least if it takes us longer to find a house, we'll end up with a bigger down payment.

Another note: don't take your kids with you to look at houses. They will behave badly. Trust me, I know.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cute kids

I'm loving the age that Daisy is at. She's pretty generous with her smiles. Sometimes they are so big that it seems like her face just can't contain them! She's adorable and she still sleeps a lot and can't get into stuff or put things in her mouth yet. And she is a very efficient nurser these days, eating in about 5 minutes. It is great!

I just realized that this is my chance to do all the projects I want to do. It will only get harder once she is mobile and doesn't sleep as much. So today I began to take apart one of our kitchen chairs so I can reupholster it.

Calvin as been getting more interested in Daisy. The other day she was smiling a bunch and then I couldn't get her to smile anymore. Calvin told me that her face didn't have any smiles left. It was empty and he was going to fill it back up. So he got a "gun" that was really just something from the kitchen and sprayed the smiles back into her face. Haha.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

2 months

I spent an hour and a half at the pediatrician's office today. Daisy had her two month well child check and the doctor took FOREVER to come in. I don't know how many times I had to tell Calvin not to open the drawers. And we read a book three times. But Daisy is doing great. She is perfectly chubby and weighs 10 pounds, 11 oz now. Her immunization a were awful. I have never heard her cry so hard! Calvin has always been so tough so it was kinda weird that Daisy was such a wimp. Guess Calvin takes after Evan and she takes after me!

Also, she slept for 6 hours straight last night, which was a blessing an a curse. Even if I get a long stretch of sleep, I still don't like waking up feeling like I'm going to explode. Anyone else out there have that problem or is it just me?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby smiles

This little blog has been a bit neglected lately partially due to the fact that I have two kids now, but mostly because I post a lot of pictures on instagram now. (You can see them here.) And my good camera is broken so I take most pictures with my ipad now.

But the other day I did take a few with Evan's regular camera (and they still came out blurry! (Frustrated sigh goes here). But here they are:

And according to me, this video of her smiles and cooing is absolutely adorable.
PS. We are meeting our realtor today. Maybe we'll start house hunting this week!

Contest winner

I neglected to announce the winner of our contest! Daisy was born at February 11th at 6:53am and the closest guess was my mom's: February 11, 2:40pm. My sister Kristy came in a close second with her guess of February 10, 7:43pm. My mom has been mailed the grand prize of ONE DOLLAR! Congratulations!