Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catch up

Well, my last blog post was when Daisy was 4 months old and now she's seven and a half months old so I suppose it is time to write another one. Here's what has happened in the past three and a half months:

Summer was hot and muggy. We spent all winter looking forward to summer and then just ended up staying inside because it was too hot outside. Someone remind Connecticut to get some new weather please. But the past month or so has been beautiful. The weather is great and the leaves are starting to change colors.

Daisy got two teeth, learned to crawl and sit up and eat solid foods. And babble. And she is sooo good at smiling at us, which we love. We finally moved her crib into Calvin's room in an attempt to get her to sleep through the night. It didn't work, but Calvin loves sharing a room with her. Usually when Evan goes in their room to get them out in the morning, Calvin has climbed into Daisy's crib with her. When she wakes up from her nap, he is usually the first one into the room so he can "spend some time talking to Daisy." He is a pretty nice big brother and is always wanting to hug and kiss her and make her laugh. She loves him too and is always following him around. It is really sweet to see them together. We just hope it will last.

Sometimes he takes away toys though and one time I even caught him sitting on her. So don't go thinking everything is perfect around here.

In August we celebrated my birthday and then Evan abandoned us for his birthday to go with the Young men on the stake high adventure. We celebrated his birthday the next week though.

The next weekend we flew to Utah to see Evan's brother get married. It was a fun trip and Calvin LOVED playing with his cousins. We loved it too because he was pretty well behaved while we were there. I guess his cousins must have rubbed off on him!

While we were there Evan and I even went on a date to a giant sporting goods store with a Ferris wheel.

The store had a bunch of places to stop and pose for pictures. So we did.
The next weekend my sister was in town for a night and we got to meet her sweet little new baby Emma. We can't wait until Christmas time when all four babies born this year can be together!

Right after that we went up to Evan's grandparent's house in New York. We always like visiting them. They sent us home with a bunch of tomatoes and green beans which were delicious and made us miss having our own garden.

Then in September my parents and brother came to visit. We thought it was going to be the last time we'd see Brian before his mission, but due to complications from his wisdom teeth removal, we'll get to see him one more time before he leaves in January! While they were here we picked fruit at a local farm and made the mistake of taking the ferry to Block Island without any form of transportation, which made our walking legs quite tired.

At Block Island. Daisy had a pretty tough day that day.

Evan also got called to be Elder's Quorum President. So be sure to call him "President Selin" next time you talk to him because he loves that ;) He's helped someone move the past three weeks in a row so I think maybe they should provide Elder's Quorum presidents with back braces for lifting things. Good idea, right?