Monday, November 11, 2013

Family home evening

Two blog posts in one day?!

Tonight for family home evening we decided to have a lesson on being nice to Daisy since Calvin has been mean to Daisy on several occasions over the past few weeks.

We started out the lesson by talking about what a family is and why we should be nice to our family. Then we talked about how Calvin feels when kids are nice to him at the playground. He told us he is happy when kids play tag and when his friend James plays pirates with him.

Then we reminded him of a time when some kids at the playground were being mean and weren't sharing any of the trucks in the sand box. As Evan reminded him about that experience, Calvin started sniffing his nose and his face turned to a frown. Before we knew it, he was crying just from thinking about that experience! Evan and I had to hold back our laughter, but it really was quite funny. Luckily, we were able to distract him and remind him how he felt when others were nice and the tears dried right up.

Then we talked about how Daisy feels when Calvin is nice or mean to her. Next, Evan and I did a role play so we could demonstrate which things are nice and which things are mean to do to Daisy. I think that may have been a mistake because when Evan annoyingly shoved a blanket in my face while I was pretending to be Daisy, Calvin busted up laughing and begged us to show more mean things.

Maybe next time, we'll skip role-playing the mean things. We have a lot to learn as parents. Haha.

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Shirl and Bill said...

Tee hee you never know what the kids think